Quick Answer: How To Install Towel Bar On Ceramic Tile?

Quick Answer: How To Install Towel Bar On Ceramic Tile?

How do you hang a towel bar on a ceramic tile?

  1. Hold your towel bar up against the wall to decide on the height and best location for the bar.
  2. Tear off enough masking tape to make a 3-by-3-inch square over the tile where you will be drilling the holes for the right mounting bracket.
  3. Attach a diamond-tipped drill bit to your cordless drill.

How do you attach a towel rack to tile?

Insert wall plugs into holes. To prevent cracking around the edge of the tile, use an old screw to screw in the plug then use a hammer to tap the wall plug below the surface of the tile. Remove screw. Using the screws and plate supplied with the towel rail, firmly affix rail to wall.

Can you screw into ceramic tile?

Screws cannot go into tile until you create a pilot hole for it. That work requires a carbide or diamond-tipped bit and some careful drilling. Start the drilling process by placing an “X” with masking or painter’s tape on the tile. Taking this action prevents the drill bit from slipping while you work.

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How do you install a towel bar without drilling?

How to fix a broken towel rack

  1. Remove the old towel rack, along with any screws that remain in the wall.
  2. Fill the holes with the appropriate caulk.
  3. Paint over the caulk (if needed).
  4. Measure and mark the walls where your new rack will go.
  5. Apply glue to the back of the towel rack and press firmly into place.

What anchors to use in ceramic tile?

Anchoring in Tile On tile, 1/4-in. tubular plastic anchors hold firmly, whether there’s drywall or cement backer board behind the tile. Be sure to buy tube-shaped anchors as shown here, not tapered anchors, which don’t hold as well. Enlarge the original anchor holes with a 1/4-in.

Can you spray paint ceramic towel bars?

You can scuff up the surface using sandpaper made for metal to remove every bit of gloss then spray paint them. Of course it will not be as durable as a ceramic finish that is baked in. Thank you for reporting!

How do you attach something to tile?

What You Need

  1. Materials.
  2. Tools.
  3. Prepare your tile wall by cleaning it and removing any dust and dirt.
  4. Locate where the hardware needs to be mounted.
  5. Apply two layers of masking tape over the tile where the drill bit will be used.
  6. Slowly and carefully use your masonry drill bit to drill your hole in the tile.

How do you attach a toilet roll holder to tile?


  1. Choose the place on the tile wall where you want to attach the toilet paper holder.
  2. Place a strip of masking tape on the place chosen.
  3. Place the toilet paper holder on the wall slightly under where you want it placed.
  4. Attach a 6 mm or a 7 mm diamond bit to your drill.
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Can you attach shelves to tiles?

Hanging something on a tile wall is easy— if you ‘re lucky enough to catch a stud, that is. If you ‘re not, you ‘ll need to use a hollow wall anchor to keep your new shelf in place. We walk you through how it’s done.

Should I drill into tile or grout?

If not done correctly, the ceramic tiles can crack, and the grout can crumble or break away. Grout isn’t as stable and strong as tile, and drilling into grout isn’t recommended.

How do you attach tile without drilling?

Easy ways to fix bathroom accessories to tiles without drilling

  1. Towel rails & toilet roll holders. If you’re trying to mount a towel rail or toilet roll holder to a tiled wall, put down your drill and stick it on with FIX-PRO® Indoor Mounting Tape instead.
  2. Mirrors. Now to tackle mirrors!
  3. Bathroom hooks.

Can you put a towel bar on a glass shower door?

The towel bar features a towel bar for one side of the glass while decorative plates are provided for installation on the opposite side of the glass shower door or wall. Securely attaching to any glass surface, the towel bar complements your bathroom decor ranging from modern to traditional and all styles in between.

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