Question: How To Tile A Roof With Slate?

Question: How To Tile A Roof With Slate?

Which is cheaper slate or tile roof?

Naturally, the price point is also a factor, and roof tiles tend to be cheaper per square metre than natural slate, so are more suitable for projects on a tight budget that require a long lasting, practical roof tile and aren’t overly complicated.

What is the overlap for slates?

The top of the slate is referred to as the ‘head’. Overlap is when one slate overlaps another, whereas ‘head lap’ is when the head of a slate is overlapped by the slate two courses above it.

How much should slate tiles overlap?

Side lap gap – The gap between abutting slates should be between 1 – 5mm, most people these days quote 3mm, up to a maximum of 9mm for fibre cement slates.

How much do Slate roofs cost?

The average roofing installation price for a slate tile roof costs anywhere between $11,550 to $24,000 depending on the slope, pitch, and size of your home’s roof. You can expect to pay $9 to $16 per sq. foot or $900 to $1,600 per square installed on a standard sized single story home.

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What is the minimum angle for a slate roof?

Relating to the pitch, the building standard code BS 5534 recommends a minimum pitch of 20 deg for slate roofs (which can be achieved through specific design although most manufacturers recommend a 25° degree minimum pitch).

Which is better slate or tile?

Tiles are definitely a cheaper solution that come in a greater variety of colours and patterns, while slate has increased longevity and is perfect for bringing out a more rustic quality of your home. Whichever one you choose, however, they’re both solid choices worthy of your investment!

Which is better tile or slate roof?

Slate tends to be more expensive than tiles. It is also double lapped to perform a watertight layer, which adds to the cost of installation. However, it’s long-lasting properties usually mean that after the initial cost, you will have very few expenses on your roof for many years to come.

Are tiles better than slate?

Tiles are produced from either concrete or clay and are available in a wide range of designs and colours, which makes them more suited to modern houses than slates. Whether you choose concrete or clay tiles, the tiles will have a life expectancy of 50 years and will be of equal durability and resistance.

How much Batten do you need for a slate roof?

In most cases, irrespective of rafter spacings, 50 x 25mm battens should be used for our standard preholed fibre cement slates. Where BS 5534 suggests 38 x 25mm battens are acceptable, the slates should only be laid with 100 or 110mm lap.

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What pitch can Slate go down to?

Because of this, the general recommendation for slate is a 20° pitch angle. There are some circumstances in which slate roofs can have a minimum pitch as low as 17.5°, but this depends on the type of slate being used, the size of the lap, and some other factors.

How do you work out Batten gauge for slates?

1 Measure distance between top of eaves batten and top of ridge batten. 2 Divide distance by maximum gauge of tile being used. 3 Round figure up to give number of courses up slope as a whole number. 4 Divide measured distance by number of courses to give batten gauge.

What size is a standard roof slate?

Whilst the most commonly used slate size in England and Wales is 500x250mm or 20”x10”, this hides a variety of sizes from 400×250 in the North East, to 600×300 in the North West of England, with each region having a distinctive size to create a local ‘look’ and blend with the area.

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