How To Make Glass Tile Necklaces?

How To Make Glass Tile Necklaces?

How can I make my own pendant picture?


  1. Print out your photo on a laserjet printer and trim down to fit your bezel or surface.
  2. Add to the bezel or surface using Mod Podge.
  3. Add Dimensional Magic to the bezel or surface, filling until you reach the sides and top.
  4. Create a necklace or bracelet using basic jewelry tools and findings.

What do you put in a pendant?

10 things to put in your locket

  1. Fill your locket with a special note from a loved one.
  2. Put the lace from your wedding dress inside as a reminder of your special day.
  3. Wear the hand print of your child close to your heart.
  4. Engrave a meaningful message for a personal look.

How can I put a picture on a necklace?

Personalize Your Locket:

  1. Remove the Plastic Insert. Many lockets will have a plastic insert where the photo is supposed to go.
  2. Choose and Prepare the Photo. The plastic insert is perfect for choosing the photo and outlining it to the exact size.
  3. Put the Picture into the Locket.
  4. Replace the Insert.

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