FAQ: How To Solve Sliding Tile Puzzles?

FAQ: How To Solve Sliding Tile Puzzles?

How do you beat sliding tile puzzle?

If you start with the top row and the left column, you can solve slide puzzles of any size by breaking them into smaller and smaller grids. Keep solving the top row and leftmost column as many times as necessary until you have a 3×2 grid, with five tiles left to arrange.

How do you solve the slide puzzle in Tomodachi life?

Tomodachi Life Slide Puzzle Solution

  1. 1.1 Move the 1st piece to the top left corner.
  2. 1.2 Move the 2nd piece to the top corner just close to the 1st piece.
  3. 1.3 If required move the 3rd, 4th pieces and so on until there is only 2 missing (applicable for puzzles bigger than 4×4)

How long does it take to solve a 15 puzzle?

This set of instructions will be easy, and will only take 1 – 2 minutes for someone who is familiar with how to move the pieces around on a 15 Puzzle board. For beginners, solving the puzzle with these instructions can take 10 minutes or longer.

How do you solve a mosaic puzzle?

Key to solving many mosaic puzzles is to cross-reference the options for cells that have neighbours in common. To see an example of this, look at the first cell in row 8 and the first cell in row 9 at the edge of the puzzle, they are ‘3’ and ‘1’ respectively.

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How do you solve the 8 tile puzzle?

Part 2 of 2: Solving the Second and Third Row

  1. Put 7 under 1.
  2. Put 4 right next to 7. Move 7 temporarily if you have to.
  3. Make an empty space under 7.
  4. Push 7 downward.
  5. Push 4 to the left.
  6. Put 8 under 2.
  7. Put 5 right next to 8. Move 8 temporarily if you have to.
  8. Make on empty space under 8.

How do you beat the torus puzzle?

Torus Puzzle

  1. Align First Row – Get the top row in order. (
  2. Fill in the Columns – The goal of this step is to complete all the rows but the last the techniques can be applied for all rows except the last.
  3. Order Last Row – Order the last row with respect to the smallest value.

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