FAQ: How To Lay Vct Tile Flooring?

FAQ: How To Lay Vct Tile Flooring?

Which side of VCT goes up?

The shiny side goes up. Don’t think you will ever get enough wax on there to make it look right. They really should all point the same direction too.

How do you glue VCT tile?

Spread a thin, even layer of VCT flooring adhesive with a 1/16-in. x 1/16-in. notched trowel. Spread glue over half the floor, starting at the wall and working up to the center layout line.

Does VCT need underlayment?

You can lay VCT over a variety of flooring materials, including concrete and wood. When you’re working with a concrete subfloor, make sure the surface is even by filling in holes with floor-leveling compound or scraping away bumps. To level an even wood floor, place an underlayment layer of plywood over the flooring.

How much does it cost to install VCT tile?

Cost to Install VCT Tile Otherwise, expect to pay $1 to $2 a square foot for a basic installation or $3 to $5 a square foot for thinner tiles or a tile glued down, but not adhesive backed.

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How long before you can walk on VCT tile?

Once new VCT is installed, it must be properly stripped and waxed with at least two coats of wax applied. For the best results, have the VCT stripped and waxed prior to moving furniture or people into the space, ideally allowing a full 24 hours of cure time before it is walked on.

How long does it take for VCT tile adhesive to dry?

Up to 12–24 hours. High temperature and low humidity will cause the adhesive to cure faster. After installation, restrict foot traffic and moving of heavy objects for 24–48 hours to allow adhesive to cure properly.

How do I remove and replace VCT tile?

In either case, removing VCT is a multiple-step process.

  1. Cut the Tiles Into Sections. VCT is typically sold in 12-inch or larger tiles.
  2. Pry Up the Cover. VCT is made of layers.
  3. Scrape Up the Bottom Layer. The bottom layer and most of the adhesive can be removed with either a floor or wall scraper.
  4. Remove the Dried Adhesive.

Can you install VCT over existing VCT?

Yes, VCT goes over a secure existing VCT quite well. Strip the wax/finish first AND THEN sand the existing well. Remove any loose tiles and either replace them or float it with patch.

What is the best underlayment for VCT tile?

Tarkett recommended underlayments include the following: APA Underlayment Grade Plywood A-C, B-C or C-C Plugged. Flooring may be installed over on grade, above grade or below grade concrete subfloors.

Does VCT tile need to acclimate?

Rapid changes in temperature and humidity can cause the tile to expand or contract, leaving gaps between your laid tiles. To keep this from happening, acclimate the vinyl tiles to your room before installing them.

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How do you cut VCT around door jambs?

VCT tiles are normally cut using a special VCT tile cutter, but a utility knife can be used to score, then snap or tear the tile when making multiple, odd-shaped cuts, such as around door frames. Simple cuts can be made using the scribe compass method.

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